What Happened at Markham’s 2017 Festival of Lights?

Markham, Ontario is a small town north of Toronto that has a historic main street which is often used in period films and television shows.  Flash of Genius ...

Spin Starlets with Fire hula hoops

NorthFIRE Circus

An incredible Fire show like you've never seen! NorthFIRE This high energy fire show, with beautifully choreographed fire performances will amaze you. ...

Kiki balancing four hula hoops

Solo Performances

Isabella doesn’t just hula hoop, she brings her own style of rhythm and dance to the hoop. Isabella Hoops solo performances highlight her charm, ...

Kiki the clown, kids party

Kiki the Clown

Birthday Parties Kiki's birthday parties are always fun, playful and energetic.

Kiki the clown and Ringmater K performance

Ring Master K & Kiki Show

A family circus bringing summer crowds a wacky show!