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Spin Starlets with LED hula hoops

How many costumes changes can we do under 30 seconds?

Spin Starlets Photo shoot 2017 Custom Costumes This has been a very busy year for the Spin Starlets. We have had ...

Isabella Hoops Hula Hooper of the Year

Winner hula hooper of the year 2015!

Isabella Hoops is hula hooper of the year for 2015! It has been quite an honour to be nominated as CanSpin hula hooper ...

NorthFIRE performers

Winter 2015 for Isabella Hoops

Winter 2015 Performing in the UK! Isabella Hoops is currently performing in the UK with Flame OZ. She is super ...

hula hooping Isabella Hoops

Why I like Hula Hooping!

When I’m hula hooping I feel free, strong, happy. Time can go so quickly when I’m hula hooping, I love listening ...

Best Toronto birthday parties

Toronto’s Most Fun Birthday Parties

With Spring and Summer around the corner, I’m super excited for all the kids shows and hula hoop parties that are ...

How do I choose a hula hoop

How to Choose a Hula Hoop

Find your hoop, you will I will quote Harry Potter when saying ‘you don’t choose the hoop, the hoop chooses ...