Flint & Bella Hoops

A romantic and Passionate Fire Duet

Isabella Hoops Toronto Fire Performances

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Fire Hoops, Fire Staves, Fire Fans & More!

If you are looking for something extraordinary for your event, considering adding this passionate and stuffing fire duet. Flint & Bella posses a loving charm that is sure to capture audiences. This duet can be either a 30-45 minute show or a brief 5 minute choreography. Contact us to tailor something special for your event.

Looking for a solo performance?

Bella Hoops can also perform solo, illuminating your event with an exhilarating flame. She is sure to steal your heart and stir your desire!

Download a printable version of the show details and description >>>

Isabella Hoops performs on fire

Flint and Bella Promo from Isabella Hoops on Vimeo.