Isabella Hoops Entertainment’s Roaming Characters

We know that an event is nothing without atmosphere, but it can be difficult to create that buzz in the air. Roaming acts can be the perfect solution, smaller than a full show and just as entertaining, these characters are able to deliver a personal experience to your attendees.

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Characters Description

Sally Sue Cow Girl

Are you ready to get tangled up and fall in love with the darn cutest Cowgirl this towns ever seen! Sally Sue will rope you in and get your toes a tapping. This Cowgirl has entertained crowds from all over, she is the perfect cowgirl to have at a summer festival or entertain a party.

Princess Isabella

Princess Isabella Hoops loves to shake, wiggle and giggle. She loves teaching people how to hula hoop, meeting new people and making new friends. Isabella strongly believes that everyone can hula-hoop and she is here to make sure everyone walks away with a smile on their face.


Zazzle is mischievous and silly, she loves causing a scene and you can always find he by her trail of bubbles.

Kiki The Clown

Kiki the Clown is a fun, playful and energetic clown. She loves hula hooping, and getting into fun mischief. She loves traveling around the world, partying at festivals and is the perfect Clown to lead a parade.

Bella Snow Snowflake Princess

Bella Snow is a beautiful Snowflake princess from the North Pole, she always seems to be going wherever the wind takes her. She loves the snow and loves to bring a smile to everyone’s face on a cold winters day.

Isabella Drake

Looking for someone to complete your masquerade party. Isabella Drake is flirtatious, headstrong, dramatic and a tease. Always the life of the party, she is the perfect person to invite.

Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom loves the Spring time, it is her favourite time of year! This beautiful flower is prefect for any sun day.

Kiki Bellerina

Kiki Bellerina is a beautiful ballerina, she loves to dance with new friends and old. You can always find her running around on her tippy toes, leaping and skipping about. She is the perfect ballerina for any big or small fancy party.

Little Bo Peep

Little Bo is the perfect girl to have at your next festival, she may have lost her sheep but she hasn’t lost her smile.