How to Choose a Hula Hoop

Find your hoop, you will

I will quote Harry Potter when saying ‘you don’t choose the hoop, the hoop chooses you.’ It’s true, it takes time to find the right hoop and choose a hula hoop. I like to think that everyone can hula-hoop… EVERYONE!!!

Choose a Hula Hoop

The best way is to try several different size weighted hula-hoops and remember bigger is better. Don’t grab a kids size hoop, they are hard to use and made of cheaper materials.


Hula hooping = Science

One thing I always like to talk about is the circumference of a hoop. The larger the circumference the bigger the hoop, the less energy you have to put in to making the hoop move… it is simple physics.


Easy trick to make sure the hoop is the right size

Another way to make sure this hoop is right for you. Hold the hoop in front of you and make sure the bottom of the hoop is touching the ground. The top of the hoop should come up to you belly button. When I first started hula hooping I was using a 44-inch hoop!


How to hula-hoop in a forward position

Once you have your hoop, you are going to put one foot in front of the other, make sure the hoop is touching your lower back, give it a nice big throw and move your body to the font and then the back.


How to hula-hoop side to side

Or you can try side to side, have you feet parallel and move you body side to side. If you are still having trouble then grab a larger hoop or a heavier hoop.


Don’t give up, keep on trying and know that your hoop is out there. When it’s ready it will appear.


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