Isabella Hoops Solo Act

Hula hoop Isabella Hoops performer

Isabella doesn’t just hula hoop, she brings her own style of rhythm and dance to the hoop.

Isabella Hoops solo performances highlight her charm, flirtatious energy and her quirky humour as a performer.

These hula hoop performances are tailored to help you create an extraordinary event that won’t be forgotten. Watch her dazzle your crowd with her fantastic costume changes and a grand finale of 50 hoops!

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Roaming or Animation

Don’t have a stage? Really want to include performances at your event? No problem!

Isabella will dazzle your party as she roams around your event, interacts with your guests and helps keep the energy up throughout the night!

  • Choose your number of mini “sets”
  • Sets can be 5, 10 or 15 minutes each
  • Costume changes between sets

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Choreographed Shows

Can I hire Isabella to perform a choreographed show?

Yes! Anywhere from a 2 minute show to 10 minute performance. We will need to chat with you to get a few details about your event, your stage and your set up to help create the perfect entertainment!

  • Performed on a stage
  • Variety of show length available
  • Access to a sound system is required

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Festival and Street Shows

It’s an Isabella Hoops Dance Party!

Everyone will want to jump in and join Isabella for her uniquely entertaining, 30 min hula hoop show, full of fun and quirky audience participation opportunities. People will walk away loving the hula-hoop and taping their toes, guaranteed! This high-energy show is perfect for a street festival.

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Brand Promotion

Isabella is happy to tailor her costumes to match your brand, colours, or current promotion.

  • Performances in store
  • Product launches
  • On video or online for social media promotions etc

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Entertainment Facilitators

Looking for someone to set the tone at your next event?

Isabella considers herself a specialists in enhancing the atmosphere and breaking the ice at events!

  • Short workshops
  • Trust building exercises
  • Group hoop games

The Isabella Hoops Show Promo