Winner hula hooper of the year 2015!

Isabella Hoops is hula hooper of the year for 2015!

It has been quite an honour to be nominated as CanSpin hula hooper of the year,  but to actually win has been wonderful.

I remember when I first started hula hooping it was in 2008. I saw some girls at a party and they were all hula hooping together and laughing. I watched them for 15 min and finally one of them came over and brought me a hoop. I was so scared and nervous, little did I know that night was going to change my life.

I have now been hula hooping for 7 years. I never thought that this would turn into a career, it was just something I loved to do. I am so gratefully for all the opportunities I have had. In the past two years I’ve launched the Toledo product with Mac Cosmetics,  I’ve performed in the UK with Flame OZ and I’ve just stared in the new Meridian commercial as ‘Kate.’

There are so many wonderful opportunities to come for this Summer and I am super excited to share them all with you. So stay tuned for a fun summer of me and jumping through all of the hoops!

Hula hooper of the year

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