The Physics of Hula Hooping

A fun hour of science and physical education for children grades K-7.

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An exciting new lunch time and after school activity program, The Physics of Hula Hooping!

How long is the workshop?

The Physics of Hula Hooping education workshop is formatted to be 50 minutes long so it times perfectly for a 1-hour lunch program or an after school session.

Do you provide the tools?

Isabella Hoops provides hoops for each of the children during the workshop. Depending on your school’s availability, the workshop could be held either in a multi purpose room or a gym.

What is the workshop focus?

Not only will kids learn how to perform a multitude of Hula Hoop tricks including basic waist hooping, isolations and off the body routines, to name a few, but they will also learn how science plays a major role in making these tricks and effects happen. And if that’s not enough, learning Hula Hooping will contribute to your child’s development by building confidence, interpersonal skills and co-operational skills. Not to mention that it is great physical education!

At the end of this 8-week workshop the kids will have a choreographed routine that they can perform together. This program has a multifaceted focus which includes physical education, science, movement and the importance of dance.

Download a printable version of the workshop description >>>