Spin Starlets

hoop troupe

Toronto’s Hottest Hoop Troupe!

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An exciting new all girls Toronto Hoop Troupe

These ladies have teamed up together to give you some of the best LED technology. Beautifully choreographed acts, dazzling costumes and the latest new beats. The Spin Starlets bring their own special talents to the team on top of their circus abilities, with a choreographer, a costume designer and a D.J. This group is perfect for your next event! They are Toronto’s Hottest Hoop Troupe!

Meet the Team 

Isabella Hoops:

A circus performer based out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada who has always possessed a passion for entertaining people. Her charm, flirtatious energy and her quirky humour is unforgettable. Isabella doesn’t just hula-hoop, she brings her own style of dance and rhythm to the hoop to create an extraordinary event that won’t be forgotten. Isabella loves hula hooping with the Spin Starlets and couldn’t imagine more extraordinary girls to share the lime light with!

Darling Pink:

A multi-prop circus performer who loves to bring her skills as a costume designer to the stage. Her ‘day job’ as a costume designer / wardrobe stylist in film and television and has lent to her current passion – creating unique and exciting costumes for the Spin Starlets. She currently spins hoop, poi, fans and levitation wand with LEDs and fire.


Samantha is a multi talented circus performer and not to mention a bad ass D.J. This beautiful Starlet has been spinning hoops and records for years!



Site animation is a great way to add some stunning LED lights to your event. We offer LED hula hoops, poi, staff and juggling.

The Spin Starlets are Toronto’s Hottest new Hoop Troupe. Have them dazzle you with their beautiful custom made costumes and illuminating props.

All prices vary on the size of the event and the type of performance being requested.