Why I like Hula Hooping!

When I’m hula hooping I feel free, strong, happy.

Time can go so quickly when I’m hula hooping, I love listening to my favorite songs and dancing for hours. I’ve been dancing since I was a little kid, and out of all the years that I’ve danced, the hula-hoop has been my best dance partner. It never lets me down and is always up for new challenges!

Making friends and seeing the world

I am a social butterfly and hula hooping is a great way to make friends! I travel everywhere with my hoops and no matter where I go I always meet new people, sharing laughs and smiles with everyone I meet. Even just walking around town with my hoop makes others curious and brings smiles to their faces.


Hula Hoop Highlights of 2013:

There have been so many! I finished my Education Degree at Trent University….I did it ! And I decided to make hula hooping my full time career. It was a scary decision at first, but it has been rewarding and so much fun.


One of my biggest highlights was hula hooping at Digital Dreams; the crowd was huge! It was incredible to get to dance to some of my favourite DJ’s live and to be on stage with them! It was definitely an experience I won’t forget.


Big Brothers and Sisters Annual Picnic, that’s where Kiki the Clown debuted her new show. It was a great experience meeting so many wonderful kids and awesome adults that volunteer their time to these amazing kids. At the end of the day Kiki even got the chance to play in the bounce-a-rama!


Being featured on Hooping.org

Hooping.org is an amazing website that connects and features hula hoopers from all over the world. They’ve always got the latest news on the best hoops and every week they feature a new video. It was a real honour to be featured on their website.


Upcoming performance’s for the summer of 2014:

I can’t wait! Kiki has joined up with Ringmaster Kray and they are packing their bags and hitting the road. They will be seen at Harbour Front International Kid Circusfest, Camp Zodiac, Port Credit Buskerfest and the Edinburgh Fringe! So many exciting events. Keep an eye out for their videos and make sure you subscribe to them on Youtube. Every week in April and May they will have a new wacky video out; so tune in for hilarious and silly fun!


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